Frequently Asked Questions

Edudram is a structured extra-mural drama programme designed for children aged 3 to 6. Classes take place each week at our participating pre schools.

The Edudram programme is designed for every child.
Due to the structure of the programme, children with speech difficulties, learning problems and children who lack self-confidence or have some emotional difficulties do respond well to the programme.

In Edudram classes there is no right or wrong answer. Through group interaction, games and imaginative play, children are able to understand themselves better, explore and question their environment, and discover socially acceptable responses. The benefits of the Edudram programme are far-reaching and include: improved self-confidence, refined motor abilities, and enhanced language skills. For a full list of our benefits please visit the Benefits page on the site.

The typical Edudram lesson lasts 30 minutes. It begins with a fun warm-up exercise to help the children focus. The body of the lessons consists of role-play games, movement exercises, poetry, action songs and improvisations. The lessons are always concluded with a relaxation exercise. To see an example of one of our lessons please visit the Our Lessons page.

The maximum size of an Edudram class is ten children to one teacher. Classes are kept small so that each child can receive individual attention within the group.

Edudram is written as a structured programme, it is designed to be completed within one school year. Depending on the groups needs, it is sometimes slightly adjusted. The programme is currently best suited to children aged 3 to 6 years.

Yes, we are aware of other organisations offering Drama classes. However, Edudram differs in its aims and its outcomes. It is a structured programme designed to facilitate personal development and inner growth. The aim is not to create performers but rather to help children become well-rounded human beings.